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6" piston pump

6 inch piston type dewatering pump

Racors are the leading suppliers from Indiafor 6" Piston Type Dewatering Pumps, in which are known for their durable finish, high strength, ease of transport, low maintenance, less downtime.

Model : Racors - ZD 900 Youtube :

Pump Specification

6 inch piston dewatering pump data sheet Download pdf

Features: Durable finish, High strength, Ease of transport, Low maintenance, Less downtime

Pump Make



Racors - ZD 900

Max. Water Flow

100 m3/h

Max. Head

20 mtr.

Vacuum lift

9.4 mtr.

Engine Specification

The pumps are coupled with Kirloskar engines by default. Other engine makes & electric motors are also available upon request.


(i) KIRLOSKAR DAF10, Single Cylinder Air cooled Engine (ii) FIELD MARSHAL GFA5D, Single Cylinder Air cooled Engine


10 HP


1500 RPM

Performance curve


Material of construction

Pump casing

High Grade cast Iron


Stainless steel,304

Piston rods

Stainless Steel,304

Weight & Dimensions

Weight without engine

600 kg

Weight with engine

1100 kg

Length x width x height(cm)

214 x 213 x 153cm

20ft container

4 nos

40 ft container

8 nos

Racors 6 inch piston type dewatering pump – canopy type, with model no. Racors ZD-900C, is used where silent running of the pumps are preferred. With unique design of Racors piston pumps, our supply network spread widely across Europe countries. The pumps are coupled either with diesel engine or electric motor as per customer requirement.

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